The Brno Epistemology and Social Ontology Group (BESOG)

The Brno Epistemology and Social Ontology Group (BESOG), established 2005, is a multidisciplinary research group based at Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic. Our objective is to study the nature and the structure of social reality and the ways and limits of its understanding by humans.

Seminar Series

Braf's Seminar (since 2012), a bi-weekly reading group in social ontology and epistemology of social sciences (in Czech language)

Gödel's Seminar (since 2016), a bi-weekly seminar on the philosophy of mathematics and the relevance and limits of its applications into social sciences (in Czech language)

Ocassional Events

Social Ontology and Epistemology of Social Sciences Workshop 2013 (in Czech language)

Social Ontology of John R. Searle 2019, a talk by John R. Searle: "Ontology of Civilization", and a follow-up seminar on his social ontology


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